Eighth Grade Students Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos

Claire Rubin, Reporter

Dia de Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday that takes place on November 1st and 2nd. To commemorate those who passed, many Mexicans make ofrendas, which are offerings to the dead for Dia de Los Muertos. In Mexico, they believe death is just the start of life, and the deceased can come and visit on these days. 

On ofrendas, there are typically the following 7 things: 

  • Water- to quench the thirst of the spirits from their journey
  • Candles- lights the way home for spirits
  • Papel Picado- the holes in the paper let the spirits pass through and visit
  • Portraits- to call the loved ones to pass over
  • Salt- to purify the souls when they pass over
  • Flor de Muerto- Flowers to attract spirits and celebrate life
  • Pan de Muerto and other food- the cross of bones on top to show a skull and other food they liked

In the first week of November, the 8th-grade Spanish students made ofrendas as they learned about Dia de Los Muertos. Each class picked a deceased celebrity to make an ofrenda for. For the ofrendas, they made paper flowers, printed out pictures, and brought in many other things.

This past Tuesday when school was out, the teachers voted on which class had the best ofrenda. There were five classes participating that made ofrendas for Dr. Seuss, Tupac, Chadwick Boseman, Betty White, and Queen Elizabeth. The winning ofrenda was made in honor of Dr. Seuss and had many intricate details commemorating him. From this win, the 2nd-period class will get a class party sometime the week of November 7.