2019-2020 Staff

Andrew Brackett

Photographer, Cartoonist

Andrew Brackett will be a photographer at several different events. He will also likely produce a few comic strips for the newspaper reader’s enjoyment. Andrew may write a few book reviews to inform readers of what they are...

Abigayle Ellis

Photographer, Reporter

Abigayle Ellis is a member of the Tiger Tales newspaper staff. She enjoys writing, photography, and art. She does swim team as a sport, and she has joined the pop choir and the yearbook club.  Abigayle’s favorite classes a...

Abraham Thurman

Podcasting, Web Design, Writer

Abraham Thurman is a member of the newspaper staff, specializing in podcasting and web design. His favorite classes are Advanced Applications and Advanced ELA. When he grows up, he wants to be a physicist, a nurse, or a priest...

Izzy Angel

Reporter, Photographer

Izzy Angel is a student at CFMS ready to learn. Izzy Angel used to go to the intermediate school and survived pod life thankfully. She enjoys sports, writing, and taking photos. As well as being a student, she is also an athle...

Lily Adelman

Reporter, Photographer

Lily Adelman is part of the school newspaper. Lily loves to read, draw and write. This is Lily’s first year in the CFMS newspaper. Lily loves to write and take pictures for The CFMS newspaper. Lily’s favorite class is Adv...

James Wilkinson

Reporter, Photographer

James Wilkinson is thirteen years old and an avid writer. James lived in Switzerland and England for nine years before moving to America five years ago. He enjoys writing stories and designing and organizing articles both on the...

Lindsay Schumacher

Reporter, Photographer

Lindsay Schumacher is joining the newspaper as a staff member.  She is interested in photography and writing. She runs on the cross country and track teams.  Her favorite classes are art and gym. She wants to be a lawyer or a c...

Lyndsey Nielsen

Writer, Photographer

Lyndsey Nielsen will be helping out with the Tiger Tales Newspaper this year, and she is very excited to start. She loves to write and take photos. Other than the newspaper, Lyndsey loves to play the french horn/mellophone, pla...

Hollie Markham


Hollie Markham is an eighth grader at CFMS who will serve as a photographer for Tiger Tales. In 6th grade, Markham took a photography class. She likes to ski and she runs track and field. Markham enjoys roller blading and cats.

Mila Gresh


Sofia Maas


Sofia Maas will be writing articles relevant to world-wide and local issues and interviews with many on a podcast in the works. Sofia is a student at CFMS and will be taking the opportunity of writing for the school newspaper...

Alaina Hawes


Alaina Hawes is 11 years old and loves cheerleading. Alaina grew up in Cleveland and came to Chagrin in 3rd grade. One of Alaina’s favorite food is pizza and her favorite dessert is chocolate lava cake. Her favorite sport is...

Ava Kittle


Ava Kittle is in the 7th grade and she is 12 years old. Ava grew up in Shaker for 3 years and has been in Chagrin for the past years. Her favorite sports are lax and skiing. Some of her favorite foods are pesto pasta, all types...

Libby Ettinger


Libby Ettinger is 14 years old. She has lived in Chagrin Falls for 14 years and participates in the Chagrin travel soccer team, as well as Cross Country and Track. She is good at photography and she only likes taking pictures....

James Meikle

James Meikle is 12 years old and likes photography and writing. He has lived in Cleveland his whole life. He lives with his brother, his sister, his mom and his dad. When he grows up he wants to be a firefighter/EMT. He likes...

Mrs. Angie Jameson


Mrs. Angie Jameson is the 7-12 school library media specialist. Previously, she taught tenth grade English and journalism at the high school. Jameson is thrilled to serve as the adviser for the middle school newspaper.

Sid Austin

Forces in Motion Reporter

Sid would, on some occasions be called an absolute Mad Lad. He was born in Arlington, Virginia and moved to Chagrin at the age of one. Sid is interested in current events and believes in a conservative agenda. He is an active...

Reed Livingston

Forces in Motion Reporter

Reed Livingston is thirteen years old and is a photographer and a podcaster. Reed has lived in Ohio his whole life. He enjoys swimming, running and rowing. His favorite subjects in school are Language Arts and Math. His family...

Shlok Bhattacharya

Forces in Motion Reporter

Shlok Bhattacharya is a thirteen year-old in eight grade. Shlok has lived in Ohio his entire life. He also runs cross country and track. Shlok is very excited to be on News Crew.

Libby Cain

Forces in Motion Reporter

Libby Cain is a thirteen year old eighth grade girl who likes to read and be outside. She enjoys taking walks with her goldendoodle Gretel and going shopping. Libby also loves to travel; her favorite place is London. Libby loves...

Isabella Wells


Margaret Vanderbilt


Melina Humphrey


Casey Verderber

Forces in Motion Reporter

Casey Verderber is 14 years old and enjoys writing and taking pictures. Casey runs Cross Country and track, he also plays basketball. Casey is excited to do reporting for news crew, and work with his classmates. Casey is known ...

Reed Livingston

Reporter, Podcaster

Reed Livingston is thirteen years old and is a photographer and a podcaster. Reed has lived in Ohio his whole life. He enjoys swimming, running and rowing. His favorite subjects in school are Language Arts and Math. His Family is Mo...

Peyton Pierce

Forces in Motion Reporter

Peyton Pierce is a thirteen-year-old photographer for the Chagrin Falls Newspaper. She joined News Crew to keep everybody updated on current events in Chagrin Falls Middle School. Peyton was born in Texas and lived there for th...

Maggie Oliver

Forces in Motion Reporter

Maggie Oliver is a thirteen-year-old girl who likes to read and write novels. She plays on a club soccer team called Internationals and she ran on the cross country team. Maggie has a dog named Lucy and two cats named Ferris ...

Jacob Donnellan


Jacob Donnellan is an eccentric young fellow. He is passionate about breakfast food, sports, and current events. Jacob has lived in Ohio his whole life, and he says it is absolutely supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. He joined News Crew so that he ...

Jason Cheng

Forces in Motion Reporter

Jason Cheng is thirteen years old and an avid reader. Jason was born in Manhattan, Kansas. His family then moved to Twinsburg before settling down in Chagrin Falls. He is passionate about world politics and constantly stays u...

Bella Call

Forces in Motion Reporter

Bella Call is 13 years old and plays on a club lacrosse team called Ohio Premier. Bella is in 8th grade and likes to learn/teach new things. She also would love to interview people and podcast all of the sports updates. She also...

Quinn Purnhagen

Comic Creator

Quinn is the comic book creator of the newspaper. He has read comics for many years, and wants to go into the field professionally. He draws a lot in his free time and puts his best effort into the artwork for his first series,...

Lewis Hang


Ryan Thompson

Reporter, Photgrapher

Ryan Thompson is joining the CFMS newspaper this year. He is going to be doing photography and web design. He likes space and science. His favorite color is black, and he enjoys binging Youtube. He hopes to play a big role in...

Ben Lewis

Photographer, Writer

Ben Lewis is a part of the staff in the school newspaper. He loves taking creative photos, playing video games and loves his vinyl record collection. Ben is in 7th grade, and 13 years old. He is an optimistic boy who is excite...

Vladamir Kopanski

Web Designer, Photographer

Vladamir is joining the CFMS newspaper this year. He is going to do photography and web design. When he was a kid, he imagined he was in the safari. His favorite color is blue. His favorite moves are like world war 2 in color. ...

Izzy Pribanic

Social Media, Podcasts

Izzy Pribanic loves to play a lot of sports like soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. She also likes to run. She also loves to hang out with friends and watch tv. She really wants to do podcasts and social media work this year in ...

Greg Wilson

Web Design

Greg will be working with web design. Greg’s favorite color in green. Greg likes to play instruments to build with and legos. Greg’s favorite book is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. ...

Frankie Ashkettle

Photographer, Video Editor

Frankie Ashkettle is a 7th grader at Chagrin Fall Middle School. She likes to do the musical theater and to sing. Frankie takes photos and does visual media for the Middle school newspaper.