Student Battle to Get The Gold at The Greek Olympics

Frankie Ashkettle, Reporter, Photographer

On Monday, November 4, 2019, Chagrin Falls Middle School 7th graders participated in the 2nd Annual Greek Olympics.

Seventh grade language arts teacher Mrs. Jessica Johnson does a great job explaining the entire event. She said, “The Greek Olympics is a full day event that captures the spirit of Greek Mythology, which all of the 7th graders have been studying this year in English class. The ancient Greeks started the Olympics centuries ago.”

Johnson explained that the event prompts friendly competition among students as they face various challenges throughout the day. “Some of the mental/ academic challenges involved: creating constellations, building/ constructing a tower, reader’s theater, logical reasoning, roman numerals, and visiting ancient Greece. Later in the day, the students participated in physical “hero challenges” such as: chariot races, Medusa freeze, defeat the Minotaur, rebuild the Pillars of Heracles, and defeat the cyclops. Prizes were awarded at the end of the day for teams that achieved Gold, Silver, and Bronze after their points were tallied,” said Johnson.

A favorite event was the Chariot Race where students would pull their teammates up and down the gym floor. They also had to do a puzzle at one end of the gym floor before finishing the race. Chagrins Falls students are very lucky to have an amazing 7th grade team of teachers because they spent many hours planning this fun day for the students. Some of those teachers even came in on Sunday to set it all up.

One of those lucky students is Cooper Ryan who said, “I learned a lot from The Greek Olympics, and it was a really fun day.”

Overall, the students had a great time. Lizzie Frank said, “It was a fun learning experience.”

Alexander Burnight, who was part of the winning team, explained, “It felt so amazing to win The Greek Olympics.”