Seventh grade students attend watershed field trip


Abraham Thurman

Students learning about erosion in a simulation on October 24.

Melina Humphrey and Izzy Angel

Seventh-grade students traveled to the West Creek Reservation Watershed in Parma, Ohio on October 23 and October 24 to learn about watersheds and erosion.

Dorothy Opoku and Molly Johnson looking for organisms in the water. Photo by Melina Humphrey

Students did a chemistry activity to test the water’s PH levels. Students also went on a hike and collected insects and animals in the water. Students examined the organisms and tried to identify them based on their appearance. Students looked at leaves, roots, and animals. There were woolly bears, praying mantises, snakes, grasshoppers, and other animals on the trail.

Students learned about how to make rootbeer out of the roots.

One of the indoor activities simulated Lake Erie for students to observe erosion in the lake. Students had to add trees and rocks to the simulation to observe the way the water flows and how rocks and trees can help stop erosion. Further, students learned that it was expensive to find solutions to allow boats to move through as a result of erosion.

Margaret Vanderbilt
Alexander Burnight poked a hole in the sand to see if water was underneath the sand.

Margaret Vanderbilt enjoyed the field trip: “It was pretty cool. I liked the Chemistry; we got to do the water tests. It was pretty fun, we got to walk around and see the environment.”

Chaperone Mrs. Krista Hunter also enjoyed the field trip. Her favorite part of the day was “looking for organisms in the stream.” She believed “the field trip was a wonderful hands-on science learning experience.”