Owen Denton selected as one of four students of the month for September

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Owen Denton
Q: Were you surprised that you were awarded student of the month?
A:Yes, very surprised.
Q:Were you hoping you would be awarded student of the month?
A: I honestly forgot it was a thing until, you know I was awarded Student of the Month.
Q:Did you realize your actions like helping teachers and fellow students were being recognized by teachers?
A:Yes, specifically by my french teacher Mr.Lardell, I don’t remember what he said but he pointed it out to me one time.
Q:Would you say you enjoy school?
A:I enjoy some of the classes like French, Science, and Geometry.
Q:What is your favorite subject?
A:That ́s a hard one, I would say French is my favorite class.
Q:Do you do any clubs?
A:I don’t ́t do any clubs.
Q:What sports do you play? And do you enjoy them?
A:I play football and I enjoy that, I also do track and field, I enjoy that too.
Q:What is your favorite part about chagrin/school?
A:I enjoy walking into town with friends, I enjoyed 6th grade retreat.
Q:What advice would you give your fellow students?
A:Definitely be attentive, just be attentive so you can do well in school, also study.
Q:What are you most excited about 8th grade?
A:Probably going to Washington D.C. and Cedar Point.
Q:What are most looking forward to in D.C.?
A:I am excited to see the Washington Monument.
Q:What is your favorite ride at Cedar Point?
A:Man, Steel Vengeance is really good but I also like Valravn, I can’t choose.