Photographing the Park


Photo by James Wilkinson

On October 8, 2019, the CFMS 8th grade went to Liberty Park in Twinsburg for a science photography field trip. The day was a bright and sunny one with not a cloud in the sky. 

The field trip was to find attributes to art and science in nature and observe physical features of the earth. All the students photographed repetition, movement, and specific areas around the park. 

Photo by Lyndsey Nielsen

“It’s fun because we get to look at nature and see all of its beauty,” said Marny Armstrong, who had a grand time taking pictures of her friends. 

Another student, Valerie Spieth, said: “It’s fun because you can be independent.” 

The students divided into groups of fifteen based on homerooms and walked four trails in the Metropark: two trails in the morning, two trails in the afternoon. Most students found that the most stunning sight was Glacier Cave on the Glacier Cave trail. 

Physical Science teacher Ms. Emily Moore said: “We looked at rocks, we sat in trees, and we looked at Glacier Cave.”

 Even though some students became momentarily lost or were melded into another group, it was amusing to find their own ways back. 

The light cast beautiful shadows across the trail. A few select quiet students were able to witness awe-inspiring displays of wildlife. Vultures circled above the wetlands and chipmunks and squirrels scurried through the underbrush.

Photo by Lyndsey Nielsen

This was one of the most enjoyable field trips for many of the students because of the lack of restrictions on the path. 

Zoe Jones, Valerie Spieth, and Kailey Stec imagined a daring hike through the wilderness, chased by ‘ghost bears’. Emma O’Brien pondered metamorphosis and whether the word meant that butterflies evolved from rocks.