Jim “Basketball” Jones Pumps Students Up

James Wilkinson, Photographer/Reporter


The Gatorade Spinner: A wary Kazimierz Kanieski waits with his safety glasses and precautionary towel for Jim “Basketball” Jones to prepare the next trick. Kazimierz, known as Kaz to his friends, often volunteers at assemblies and other such events in his years at Chagrin. He confided afterward that “I had no idea what he was doing.”
It’s good!: Joey McCamon, 14, talks with “Basketball” Jones about the consequences of his shot. McCamon, a later addition to the class of 2024, was eager to be selected for the opportunity to volunteer at the assembly. “If you make it from the foul line, you get a pencil. If you miss, you still get a pencil. If you make it from the three-point line, you get an autographed ball. If you miss, this teacher here [Michael Wujnovich] must do ten push-ups,” said Jim “Basketball” Jones.
Laser Focused: From left to right, top to bottom: Sophie Hill, Norah Pope, Molly Longo, Stella Kronstain, Lyndsey Nielsen, Isabella Wells, Ella Goyzman and Zoe Jones all listen to what Mr. Jones had to say. Lyndsey, Isabella, Ella, and Zoe all know each other well and have done since Ella moved to Chagrin in fourth grade. “Be the Noodle!”: Zoe’s advice to all looking for a bit of cheer in their day.
Super Sharpie Double Spinner: An excited Maggie Koehler looking at her friends as she spins two basketballs on Sharpies. Maggie enjoys theatre and cheerleading and never turns down an opportunity for the spotlight. The enthusiastic crowd chanted “Maggie! Maggie! Maggie!”