Facts About Ukraine  


Alexandr Podvalny

Capital City of Kiev, Ukraine

Sviatoslav Sushko , Reporter

Ukraine: The breadbasket for Europe. Under attack, Ukraine has been invaded by its long-time enemies: the Russians. Russia’s plans were simple: 1. Invade 2. Take Kiev in three days 3. Establish the Russian government and the first new soviet puppet country. That plan fell fast. They failed in the first week. They underestimated the Ukrainian military strength and the patriotism of the people. Here is some information you might want to know about Ukraine.


Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe, second only to Russia. Its flag represents the golden wheat fields it has and an endless, deep blue sky that stretches all over the country. The national animal of Ukraine is the Common Nightingale, known for its powerful beautiful song. The national Coat of Arms is the Ukrainian old-time weapon, the golden trident or in Ukrainian, “tryzub”. This symbol shows Ukraine’s past lifestyle back in its cossack days when they fought with the trident. The size of Ukraine is 233,090 square miles; as of 2015. Ukraine has 24 provinces in all of its landmass divided up each with its own capital city with locally elected officials that govern the province. Ukraine’s military had 121,500 military personnel; 64,000 soldiers in the army, 7,000 sailors in the navy, 45,000 pilots in the air force, and finally, 5,500 members in the airborne division. As of 2015, there are 44, 429,471 people living in Ukraine (estimated). The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian, and the race of people from Ukraine is east Slavic (“Ukraine”). 



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