Valentine’s Day Short Story


Abigayle Ellis, Creative Writer

Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Today was a pretty bad day.
Yeah I mean it’s about two weeks before Valentine’s Day. Everyone at school is all lovey-dovey and all but it’s getting pretty annoying it’s not even Valentine’s Day yet. I usually just tolerate the couples and people panicking out of pure confusion and love, because there’s nothing I can do to prevent it. But to top it all off my best friend, Alice, told me that she had found herself a boyfriend and canceled our day to hang out. Man, we were going to play video games at the arcade and go play laser tag, and just have fun, but no she decided it would be ok to cancel our fun day for a boy.
Alice and I have been friends since third grade and now we’re freshmen, wow, I haven’t thought about how long we’ve been friends for six years already. We have always had a best friend’s day on Valentines and we would celebrate our friendship by going to the arcade or bowling. This is the first year I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day alone since third grade, and I’ve decided to make it even better without Alice.

Friday, January 31, 2020
Ok, so I’m kind of panicking because Alice keeps talking about her boyfriend, who I just figured the name of Dennis (you’re welcome), and about their date and what she is wearing. Well, apparently there’s a festival going on but the admission is like $20 and I’m too cheap for that, and that seems like she is going to have more fun than me.

Monday, February 3, 2020
I’ve figured out my plan – to make a new best friend before Valentine’s Day. So all I have to do is convince someone in my grade that I haven’t paid any attention to for six years and become best friends with them. It’ll be a piece of cake.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020
So, I’ve underestimated how hard making a friend is, it was easy in third grade and online what happened I was going to talk to Madison, but she was talking to the popular girls.

Friday, February 7, 2020
I met this kid named Jax yesterday, they’re really nice and accepted to come with me to the arcade next Friday. They also introduced me to a few of their other friends. Jax’s friends are all very kind and accepting, except for Chad, but I’ll get to him later. All of their names are Bryant, Leo, and August. Bryant kinda looks like a gnome without the beard he said that he hasn’t grown since sixth grade and he’s only 4’ 11”. Leo, on the other hand, is very tall she is like a skyscraper compared to me and I’m what you would consider tall – I know, 5’ 5” is not that tall but compared to my other friends I’m tall – but the thing that gets me most is that she has this highlighter pink hair, like man if I could only dye my hair. Lastly, we have August he’s pretty average, although he does have fiery red hair and hundreds of freckles. OH! Also his eyes are like little puppy-dog eyes, they sparkle when there are cookies around.
Jax asked me if I wanted to hang out with them tomorrow, and of course I agreed because it’s not like I have anything better to do on a Saturday.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

So we decided to meet for lunch at the arcade and then to go home at like four. When I got there Chad was the only one there and I was kinda like, nope I’m going to just turn around and wait for someone else to show up. I kinda ruined that by walking into the arcade into his sight because he called right for me, lookin’ all propper in his pink polo shirt and khakis. But then a light came bursting through the door… drum roll please….. It’s August! Yay! To be honest he saved me from another minute of awkwardness. Then the rest filed in, Jax then Leo, and fashionably late, Bryant. We had pizza and everything, I got to know Chad a little more. Apparently his parents are the owners of a five-star hotel a few cities over. So he kinda doesn’t have a choice to look proper, because “It’ll look bad for the company” if he dresses like a normal 14-year-old. To be honest, I really did judge Chad, he does actually have human feelings. We all decided to come back on Valentine’s day for the fun day. All of us walked home because we all lived in the area.

Monday, February 10, 2020

After being in the same class as these people I finally realize that we sit near each other, I know it sounds rude but I’m not very observant – oh, and Leo and I are lab partners for science which makes me double unobservant. Today the teacher told us that there would be a partner assignment, and since Alice was partnered with her boyfriend, I decided I should ask one of my new friends, and of course I end out with Mr puppy-dog himself, August. Don’t get me wrong August is very nice and usually does his fair share of work but he’s not the brightest of us, so I have to constantly check over the work.

Wednesday, February 11, 2020

We had the presentations for the project today and it was a complete disaster. First of all we were supposed to either memorize what we were going to say or have notecards, of course I had notecards (I’m not a superhuman), but August decided he was going to memorize his part. He completely forgot what he was going to say. I got an A on the assignment but after August checked his grade he came to me crying because he got a C on it because of the presenting portion. I told him it was okay and that we should go talk to the teacher tomorrow.

After school Jax and I walked home together, because apparently he lives across the street and I just never noticed, again I mention that I am very unattentive. Jax mentioned that they had three younger siblings, two sisters and a brother. I know that had to be hard for them because I only have one sister and Ava is enough for me. You wanna’ know what she did yesterday? She took all of my blankets and slept with them, you know what I’m not allowed to do? Did ya guess wake her up, because you’d be correct. So I fell asleep shivering.

Friday, February 14, 2020
Today we didn’t have school, oh and we went to the arcade like our original plan, but Alice was there too. At first, I didn’t understand why. I mean she has a boyfriend, well they broke up. She said that it was too awkward and she only saw him as a friend. So I introduced all of them to her, to my surprise she actually knows Leo, apparently, they were on the swim team together in the summer. And having an extra person that I knew for more than two weeks was nice. I realized that I was being kinda rude to Alice so I said sorry about ignoring her, and as I predicted she didn’t realize that I was ignoring her because Charlie was so clingy she didn’t even have time to look for me.
We all had lunch and milkshakes. Later we all went to our respected houses, me and Alice decided to have a sleep-over since we’ve been ignoring each other for the past two weeks. After we got to my house I found my sister curled up in all my blankets on the couch, so I guessed that we’d have to take the ones from her room. We watched about 3 movies before it was 12:00 am and we realized that we should probably go to sleep. Alice used to sleep over quite often so I have a bunk-bed which always comes in handy. Overall I’m kinda glad that Alice and Charlie broke up, they are still friends, but now my new friends know my best friend. This was the first year that Valentine’s day has been enjoyable, because I was with all my friends.