Dojo Mojo

This year students and teachers participated in Class Dojo to improve the levels of respect and kindness of all students by offering a reward that students can earn with positive behavior.

“The Class Dojo is a way for teachers to focus on target behaviors and keep track of how students are performing on those behaviors,” said teacher Brian Johnson.

The teachers have used Dojo for around a year now when Social Studies teacher Larry Richmond brought it to the 7th-grade team because his wife uses it at Shiloh Middle School in Parma.

If the student has a fully charged Chromebook, comes to class with all supplies, has a positive attitude, and has all their assignments completed, they get a Dojo point. Then if the student has 80% of their dojo points, they participate in a success day during their WIN period.

If students do not participate in the reward day, they are given extra support with a teacher so they can make the 80% requirement.

Students get to participate in a fun activity during WIN. Rewards include Mario Kart tournament, crafting, Kickball, Kahoot competitions, four square, escape rooms, and board games.

“I think it is a good way to get students to remember to bring things to class, stay focused,” said 7th grader Claire Guddy. “It has helped me to work towards earning a success day. It has also made me more organized and motivated.”

Many students have benefitted from Dojo throughout the year. Teachers are always trying to improve the quality of the school day and the Dojo is just one of many ways Chagrin Falls Middle School is changing student’s lives.